2020 Annual Conference


What “new” truths have we learned during the endless months of Covid that will help reimagine marketing? What “old” truths are as or even more valid than ever? At the ANA NYC 9th Annual Conference, a galaxy of stars explored the truths, new and old, that we dare disregard at our peril. Our speakers and panelists addressed all the areas featured here with a singular intent: to help us understand and take away together what will help marketers work with purpose and relevance – and help us reimagine a new world.

View the 2020 Annual Conference Sessions Below

Session #1: New Personas for the New Now

Five research-validated personas have emerged since the start of the pandemic, each shaped by human responses to concurrent health, economic and social crises. This session profiled the personas as well as lasting behavioral trends.

Janet Balis
Americas Customer and Growth Market Leader and CMO Practice Leader, EY

Session #2: Imagining the New Creative Paradigms

It is often creative leaders who are able to open our eyes to new realities. This session brought together two celebrated industry leaders to explore the new frontiers of creativity.

Laura Maness
CEO, Havas New York

Tiffany Rolfe
Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

Session #3: The World Beyond Zoom

How do we go to market and sustain relationships in an all-virtual world? How do we build a sustainable culture for our employees? This session dove deeply into the evolution of virtual events and experiences.

Daniela Campari-Hand
Head Of Competitive Intelligence, Kimberly-Clark

Catherine Wragg 
SVP, Human Resources, TriNet

Julie Roads
Chief Creative & Strategy Officer, MJM Creative

Moderator: Ken Hein 
US Editor, The Drum

Session #4: Brands Taking a Stand

Racial equity, climate change, and political divisiveness have forced a moral reckoning for brands – so much so that brand inaction is no longer an option. How should brands take a stand? This panel provided compelling answers.

Frank Cooper III
Senior Managing Director & Global Chief Marketing Officer, BlackRock

Ty Heath
Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute, LinkedIn

Kellie Krug
Former EVP/Head of Enterprise Marketing, Wells Fargo

Sadé Muhammad
Director, Representation & Inclusion Partnerships, Forbes

Moderator: Sonoo Singh
Co-Founder/Editor, Creative Salon

Session #5: Globalism Reimagined

What are the social, political and geographical considerations of a global economy turned upside down? Will the pendulum swing to regionalism? What effect will it have on global marketers? Find out here.

Jill Cress
VP, Growth Marketing, Paypal

Arnaud Frade
Chief Commercial Officer (APAC), Ipsos

Maria Kochiras
VP & Program Leader, Cargill Global Transformation, Cargill

Moderator: Allison Knapp Womack
SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Enterprise Community Partners

Session #6: Reimagining the Physical World

Designers, architects, and urban planners are exploring new models for physical spaces. Companies are wrestling with what physical space means for their future. This session explored some of the most exciting new concepts for working environments.

Roger Solé
CMO, WeWork

Tim Kobe
Founder and CEO, Eight Inc.