Annual Conference | B2B Day

2022 Annual Conference: The business of boundaries

As we adjust to new norms, challenges, and ways of working, boundaries are essential—and they very much are in flux. Boundaries preserve discrete spaces—between home and work, between departments and the work they do. They establish expectations and standards. They shape how we see ourselves and our organizations. And they challenge us to cross, if not break, them.

When should we set boundaries? Protect them? Blow past them to infinity and beyond? For the second annual B2B Day—ANA NYC’s 11th Annual Conference—we’ll explore this new landscape. Join us as some of the leading minds in B2B share their vision and wisdom on the boundaries that define our world as marketers.

Event Speakers

Katz, Etienne
Well vs. Good

An exploration of how brands and businesses drive growth across multiple stakeholders. Where is the line between commercial growth at all costs vs. boundaries to growth that achieve ESG goals? What are the frameworks in place to evaluate growth and impact?

Kate Cronin, Chief Brand Officer, Moderna
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Etienne Katz, SVP, Event Partnerships & Strategic Growth, CNBC | NBCUniversal
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Ellis, Yvette
deloitte logo
Oram Ray
Huynh Nicole
The New Rules of Collaboration

When do boundaries between departments and organizations disappear? Can the best teams transcend structure? Should they? How are leading marketers and their organizations reinventing collaboration?

Yvette Ellis, US Enterprise Marketing Excellence Leader, Deloitte
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Ray Oram, VP, Account Based Marketing, IBM
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Nicole Huynh, Head of Enterprise Growth Marketing, BNY Mellon
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Stephanie Dobbs Brown
ice logo
Russell Findlay headshot

Big Bets

It’s a brave organization that moves into an entirely new space, not just crossing boundaries, but redefining them. How do you think about wholesale change? How does a brand stretch to accommodate? 

Stephanie Dobbs Brown, CMO, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
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Russ Findlay, Operating Partner, H.I.G. Capital
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Paul Hirsch

Ideas that Shatter

What were the big ideas that broke the boundaries for B2B creativity at the first ever Cannes B2B Lions? Why did these ideas rise so high? What does creative risk mean right now? How do you gauge the potential return? Hear from the Lions and the B2B leaders who sat in the jury room.

Simon Cook, CEO, Cannes Lions
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Paul Hirsch, President & Chief Creative Officer, Doremus
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Tom Stein, Chairman & Chief Growth Officer, Stein IAS
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John Copeland
Miller Jon

At Your Service

Where is the line between a great customer experience and a creepy one? How do marketers use tracking, targeting and personalization to anticipate needs and delight their customers without being overly invasive? How do AI and machine learning help? Hurt?

John Copeland, VP, Digital Strategy Group, Adobe
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Jon Miller, CMO, Demandbase
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Allison Knapp Womack, COO, Effie Worldwide
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Davies, Victoria

Life on Your Terms

As the distance between home and work, personal and professional shrinks, how do you avoid complete overlap? How do you prioritize? And what are the implications for career paths? How can you be a supportive manager without being an intrusive one?

Victoria Davies, Founder & CEO, Newance
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Heather Keets Wright

Event Emcee:

Heather Keets Wright, Co-Founder & CEO, Wright Creative
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